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Idealspace Design: All of our projects are handled with three things in mind:

1) Trends and fads might be amusing or tempting, but every project is about a person or group of people. Every space must meet the needs and preferences of its inhabitants or users and can look incredible with or without respecting the latest crazes.

2) We are consumers too; we might not hire interior designers, but like you we do have to use the services of mechanics, computer technicians, accountants and others. We treat your project with the same care we would expect to receive from any service provider working for us.

3) Design is not a luxury item or service and should be available to anyone with a reasonable budget. Whoever said that good design has to be expensive has never had their ideal space designed by Idealspace Design.


Karen S. Weiner: is the owner and principal interior designer of Idealspace Design. She graduated from College Inter-Dec and makes sure to maintain up-to-date knowledge. Karen started Idealspace Design in April 1997 in N.D.G., and relocated to the West Island in late 1998. Having decided by 16 years old that interior design was her calling, it is no wonder that she loves what she does and is so good at it. Karen's hobbies include anything and everything creative.


Mehran Gharaati: joined Idealspace Design in the spring of 2007 as architectural designer and landscape designer. Mehran has a Masters Degree in Architecture from the University of Isfahan, a Post-Professional Masters Degree in Architecture from McGill University, and is currently nearing completion of a PhD in Architecture. He can just as often be found designing custom furniture or signage, and when not at work often has a pen and sketchbook in hand.


Others: Other staff are hired on an as-needed basis only. As permanent staff is hired, you will be able to read about them here.










                                              We are not currently seeking to expand our staff at the moment.