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Reader's question & our answer:



After 20 years of living with the same furniture in most of our home, we are finally getting new furniture and redecorating. We will be repainting the house, changing the pictures on the walls, getting some new curtains, and other things too. I want to create a decor that can be changed seasonally or for different purposes without spending too much extra. Any suggestions?



Choose your accessories with your wish for frequent change in mind. If you can't find ready-made throw cushions with one fabric on the front and a second on the back, have some made; these are great as all you have to do is reverse them for a new look. Look for light fixtures for which you can purchase a couple of different models or colours of shades, or if you are creative you can make a couple of decorative bands that can be slipped onto a simple shade - use beads, fabric trim, and whatever else catches your eye. It would also be beneficial to have a colour scheme that flows or at least a couple of colours that work as accent colours in a couple of rooms so you can move decorative pieces from one room to the other for an instant new look without having to figure out where to store extras.








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